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 KRI EH1000 Gridless Ion Source

The EH1000 represents the latest development in gridless ion source technology. Historically, over 1,500 earlier generation products exist in the field, all carrying the Kaufman pedigree. Further development produced a total redesign, and as a result this next generation of gridless ion source delivers vastly superior performance at lower cost, coupled with simpler maintenance and optimum reliability. This provides the benefit of being able to produce twice the beam current and much lower consumable part useage than its earlier MKII counterpart.


 EH1000F Filament Version

EH200F filament versionThis unit utilises a robust tungsten cathode filament to provide both the plasma discharge and automatic beam neutralisation. New design features enable the source to operate for extended periods with either inert or reactive gases. Ion beam output has also been increased to 2000mA.

 EH1000HC Hollow Cathode (Filamentless) version

EH200HC hollow cathode versionThis unit is provided with a new design hollow cathode electron source in place of the filament. Extremely long operational times are possible and the absence of a thermionic filament promotes a very high purity thin film environment.

 EH1000HC-WC Water-Cooled version

EH200HC hollow cathode versionThe water-cooling provided with this unit, permits constant and low process temperatures to be maintained during the deposition process as major thermal radiation sources are eliminated. This unit is also provided with a hollow cathode as a standard feature.


The EH 1000 product line produces a high current and low energy ion beam ideally suited for surface treatment and thin film growth applications which include:

Dimensions and technical data

Filament version - click to enlarge

Hollow cathode (filamentless) version - click to enlarge

Gas = Ar
Va = 150
la = 5 A
P = 1.5 x 10-4 torr
Td = 30cm (nom. throw distance)

Total Ion Beam Current
EH-1000 - 1340 mA
First Generation Source - 1052 mA