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 KRI EH2000 Gridless Ion Source

The EH2000 is a high-output gridless ion source with performance levels suited to the larger deposition system. Producing an impressive output of 2.5A of Ion beam current over an ion energy range of 40 – 210 eV, the EH 2000 totally outperforms its ‘first generation’ counterpart. Total redesign has resulted in significantly enhanced performance, reliability and reduced operational costs.


 EH2000 high-output filamentless version

EH2000 high-output filamentless versionThis unit is provided with the new design of hollow cathode electron source in place of a thermionic filament. Extremely long operational times of 400 – 1000 hours are possible. In addition, water cooling and the absence of a filament significantly reduces thermal radiation to substrates and promotes a very high purity, controllable thin film environment.


Dimensions and technical data

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