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 KRI EH3000 gridless ion source

The EH3000 is the largest and most powerful gridless ion source in the product range. It is ideally suited as a retrofit package for larger technical optical coating systems and OEM customers where extremely high ion beam current densities with a large area of beam coverage are required at the substrate.

The EH3000 is the largest and most powerful gridless EH series ion source, capable of producing up to 5A of beam current over an energy range of 50-300V. It is provided with hollow cathode (Filamentless) operation as standard.

The unique 'plug-in' design anode assembly also enjoyed by our other gridless sources, allows for very rapid and simple maintenance to be carried out, greatly reducing system ‘down-time’ and loss of production.

Another major advantage is that the EH3000 is retro-fittable as it is not an integral part of a system which must be specifically designed and engineered to suit. In addition, unlike similar products, the main consumable parts have long lifetimes and are low cost.


The EH 3000 is available in three versions covering a range of beam currents and voltages to suit a wide range of applications. There are ‘Standard’, ‘Medium’ or ‘Low’ outputs. Water-cooling is available as an option and recommended for higher output applications.


Dimensions and technical data

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