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 KRI EH400 gridless ion source

These new EH400 versions provide significantly superior performance and represent the latest developments in Gridless Kaufman designed Ion Source technology. Its compact dimensions coupled with its high output means it is an ideal replacement for the earlier Commonwealth Scientific/Veeco MKI and MKII ion source for many applications.


 EH400F filament version

The EH400's compact design is ideally suited for smaller deposition systems or installation where system baseplate space restrictions apply. Its physical dimensions of only 9.4 cm dia. x 7.6 cm high disguise its powerful potential of of producing 875 mA of ion beam current over an ion energy range of 35 – 210 eV. A water-cooled front plate option is available for lower temperature applications.

 EH400HC (filamentless) version

The EH400HC is supplied with a hollow cathode electron source in place of a tungsten cathode filament. This allows extremely long operational times, lower process temperatures and promotes a high purity thin film environment. A water-cooled front plate is available as an option.


The EH400 is compatible with ion beam pre-cleaning and inert or reactive gas ion beam assisted deposition applications in small to medium sized deposition systems. Typical examples of suitable systems for installation would include:

Dimensions and technical data

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