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 Ion source power supplies

Our range of KDC Gridded and EH Gridless Ion Sources are supplied as a complete package including power supplies. However, many customers are wishing to upgrade their older units. To cater for this, we offer direct replacements for Kaufman Gridded, End-Hall Gridless and Hollow Cathode Neutraliser (HCES) controllers. In most cases, mating connector/adaptor cables are available for ease of installation and pin to pin compatibility.

DC gridded Kaufman ion sources

Many old ion source power supplies exist in the field. With the exception of units supplied fairly recently, it is quite probable the old ion source controller you are using is long obsolete.

These older units would include the Commonwealth Scientific/AE ID2500 and 3500 series controllers and also the IBS 250/600 series units as well as other manufacturers. Supplies of circuit boards and many PCB level components for these units are no longer available. If a failure should occur, then users are likely to face immediate problems in getting the units repaired along with a lengthy loss of equipment use.

We can now offer a solution with the availability of KSC 1202 and KSC 1210 Series Ion Source Controllers.

Replacements for DC Gridded Kaufman Ion Sources

Commonwealth Scientific MKI / MKII / MKIII gridless ion sources

The original ion source controllers for ‘First Generation’ products supplied by commonwealth Scientific for the MKI, MKII, and MKIII gridless ion sources are now long obsolete. Again, no replacement PCB’s and many of the PCB level components are available. There were at least 4 versions of these units manufactured.

These are identified by ‘cream’ coloured front panels and later by black fronted panels. These units tended to suffer reliability problems along with associated HCES 5000 (hollow cathode) power supplies, where used, and were not electrically well protected.

Ionbeam Scientific is able to provide a solution: ‘Drop-In’ replacement units with pin-to-pin compatibility for CSC or Satis panel badged units. Using a modular design and switch mode technology, the units are robust, compact and lightweight, easy to service and above all, extremely reliable in use.

Replacements for Commonwealth Scientific MKI Gridless Ion Sources

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